How do you make vegan strawberry popsicles?

Is there any better spring and summer time flavor than strawberry? Not if you're me, I love the sweet and bright flavor of this delicious berry in pretty much any form especially in "paleta" form. What's a paleta? well literally translated it means stick in Spanish but if you grew up on the southern boarder they are what the guy pushing the ice cream cart sell, frozen fruit bars. A lot of people like to think the fake colors are appealing but here at Pop Fizz try to make it as easy and natural as possible.

Ok guys, here's the big secret recipe. You will need a blender (the faster the better) and some popsilce molds.

Strawberry Paletas:

2lb of frozen strawberries

1 cups sugar

40oz water

1oz lime juice

-Fill up blender head with strawberries

-Add sugar and fill the blender with water, covering the strawberries.

- Squeeze the juice of half a lime into blender and add salt.

-Blend until smooth.

  • Repeat with strawberries and sugar and lime.

  • Place in molds and freeze

. The ingredients are simple and the process is easy but if you don't want to do all this you can always buy a 12 pack from us at our locations. Plus we have like a bajillion more flavors.




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