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What are the Paleta Pals?

Simply put, Pop Fizz Paleta Pals are a first of their kind NFT that gives licensing rights to your own Pop Fizz mobile ice cream truck business. 

We are a legit popsicle shop in Albuquerque, NM and are starting our NFT journey by dropping a unique collection with 4,444 different paletas.  Built in utility from day 1 that allows every NFT owner free ice cream and popsicles every time they see our trucks.  More rare NFT's will win you your own paleta party (anywhere in the continental United States) and more perks to come.  Each NFT is part 1 of a 2 part NFT set that gives you the rights to a Pop Fizz license as well as business and marketing support from us.   1 special NFT in this collection will win a full mobile unit franchise which includes a fully functional ice cream truck and all the equipment you need to start your own summer business.


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