Pop Fizz


What is Pop Fizz?

Pop Fizz is a Mexican-style paleteria with an American soda fountain twist. Rafael, Carlos, and Lorenzo Alvarez co-founded Pop Fizz in order to bring what they believe to be the most delightful desserts of their childhood to Albuquerque. As kids living in El Paso and often visiting the Mexican city of Juarez, brothers Carlos and Lorenzo would visit paleterias with their father, Rafael, and paletas easily went down as their favorite summertime treat. Pop Fizz has grown from their humble beginings offering our organic and unique flavored paletas, ice cream tacos and tasty eats like carne asada fries and even alcoholic ice cream treats at their shop in Albuquerque, NM. Want to see the goods? Check out the menu.

What's a Paleta?

We're Glad You Asked

A paleta is the Mexican version of a popsicle. We like to call it a paleta or a pop. It’s a delectable frozen treat and, at Pop Fizz, is made only of all-natural and organic ingredients. That means you won’t find any artificial colors or flavors in our pops, just fruit and real cane sugar. That’s why the lime pop tastes just like a lime! Some of our pops include other all-natural ingredients like veggies, honey, or cream because we like to get fancy.